Supo in figures in 2021

Supo employed about 500 people in various operational and specialist capacities in 2021. While it is increasingly common for Supo staff members to have a civilian background, many have also received police training.


Division of personnel

522 employees.

42,9 years average age.

62,8 % employees with academic degree.

Security clearances


Infographic of security clearances in 2021.

Infographic of security clearances in 2020.



Infographic of financing in 2017-2021.

Trust in Supo


Infographic of trust in Supo.

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Security clearances 2021:

Comprehensive 412 (567 in 2020).
Standard 36,734 (31,385 in 2020). 
Concise 35,566 (40,235 in 2020). 
Attached* 17,666 (16,162 in 2020). 

Total 90,378 security clearances (88,349 total in 2020).

*A new vetting is not always needed when an invidual’s duties change. A new application may be appended to previously conducted vetting that is still in force for the individual concerned.

Financing used by financial year 2021 (million euros M€):

Realised income of the financial year 8.5 M€.
Budget financing used during the financial year 47.6 M€
(including the use of appropriations carried over from the previous year).
Total 56.1 M€.

Trust in Supo:

A clear majority (89 per cent) of the public in Finland indicate either a very high or at least fairly high degree of trust in Supo. Two respondents in five (40 %) report a very high degree of trust, and one respondent in two (49 %) reports a fairly high degree of trust.

Confidence in Supo is almost as strong as a year ago. Only one respondent in a hundred does not trust Supo at all.