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Cookies are text files that your browser stores on your device when you visit a website. This website uses cookies that are necessary for the functioning of the website, along with visitor tracking and analytics cookies. In addition, we use your browser's local storage to store identifiers. In this text, cookies refer to all of these technologies.

Cookies make it possible to store the user’s preferences, such as language choices, when the user moves from one page to another on the website. Necessary cookies ensure the technical functioning of the website and are not used for other purposes. The website always uses a secure https connection.

Visitor tracking and quality control cookies (non-essential) help us to develop the website and ensure that it serves its purpose. We hope that you will also accept non-essential cookies. The data collected will not be used for marketing purposes, nor will visitor tracking data be disclosed further.

The service providers are the Government Centre for Information and Communication Technologies Valtori and its contractual partners.

Necessary cookies

Server environment cookies that improve the user experience by balancing server loads and ensuring that the user’s session can continue. Valid for one week. 

A publishing system cookie that stores information on whether or not users have enabled cookies in their browser settings. Valid for one year.

A publishing system cookie that stores information on users’ language preferences and preserves it for their next visit to the website. Valid for one year.

A publishing system cookie that stores information on users´ ID. This ID is encrypted. Expires when the browsing session ends.

A publishing system cookie that describes users’ activity on the website and communicates information to the system about the number of active users. Expires when the browsing session ends.

A publishing system cookie that stores a timestamp for the user’s visit and ensures that their session can continue. Expires when the browsing session ends.

jsV, mtv1ConfSum, mtv1Pulse (domain:
MTCaptcha uses cookies, that strive to identify bots and automated scripts that can cause server traffick. Captcha is used when sending various forms. Cookies gather information of browser and captcha configuration. Cookies are not used to identify individual persons and they expire when the browsing session ends.

A website cookie that stores information on whether or not the user has accepted cookies in their browser. Valid for one year.

__cf_bm, _cfuvid, cf_clearance (Cloudflare cookies) 
Cookies in server environment, that are used to identify and fend bots, malicious data traffick or cyber attacks. 

Visitor tracking 

If the visitor accepts the use of cookies, visitor tracking cookies will collect general statistics used to develop the service and for quality control. 

This information includes: 

  • the page from which the visitor accessed the website
  • pages viewed
  • timestamp of page downloads
  • web browser and operating system
  • Visitor’s internet service provider

Visitor tracking is not used to identify individual persons, nor are visitors’ IP addresses stored in their entirety. IP addresses are used to determine the organisation with which the address is registered and its geographical location. Location information is indicative: accuracy is good at the country level and moderate at the regional and city level. 

A visitor tracking cookie that registers a unique identifier for the user. Valid for two years.

A visitor tracking cookie that stores information about the visit until the user leaves the site. Valid for the duration of the session.

A visitor tracking cookie that combines information about visits if the user returns to the website within half an hour after leaving. Valid for 30 minutes.

Links to other services

Share buttons and links to social media services do not communicate visitor information to service providers if they are not used. 

Information on cookies used by social media and other services is available in the privacy policies of the services.

Disabling cookies

This site uses a cookie banner. When you visit the website, you can choose to enable or disable non-essential cookies. If you choose to disable cookies, no non-essential cookies will be installed.

You can also change your cookie preferences.