Security clearance vetting request procedure for businesses

Supo may only conduct personnel security clearance vetting for enterprises that it has deemed eligible for the security clearance procedure.

You must prepare a written statement if you are seeking security clearance vetting on your employees but your business has not previously been a client of Supo.

This statement must provide the following details:

  • name of business, business ID number, contact person and invoicing address (an invoicing form will be sent to the client after the decision confirming eligibility)
  • details of how business operations relate to the protected interests referred to in section 1 of the Security Clearance Act
  • details of the duties that the applicant seeks to include under a security clearance procedure. The statement must take particular care to describe the protected information or premises that form the basis for seeking security clearance vetting. These details may be used to assess whether the duties fall within the scope of personnel security clearance.
  • business security arrangements: the statement must describe how the business has restricted access to protected information by technical and other means, and how it has ensured the protection of premises and information systems and taken other measures to implement data security and other security arrangements.

The security arrangements must be reported to ensure that the business would only use personnel security clearances as part of broader information security measures, and not instead of such measures.