Is your organisation seeking to become a security clearance vetting client of Supo?

Supo may only conduct personnel security clearance vetting for businesses that it has approved for the security clearance vetting procedure.

Security clearance vetting is only performed for organisations whose operations may affect Finland’s national security or a very important private financial interest. Section 1 of the Security Clearance Act specifies the type of operations for which security clearance vetting investigations may be performed.

The purpose of security clearance vetting is to prevent activities that, for example, could damage Finland’s national security or international relations. Security clearance vetting may also be advisable, for example, when a private operator has a significant impact on the Finnish economy.

Only an organisation whose interests are protected is eligible to become a security clearance vetting client. For example, a public authority organisation will be responsible for the security clearance vetting application on subcontracting services from a private business. It is advisable to ensure that the right party is requesting the procedure before seeking security clearance vetting client status.

Getting started

Please contact Supo by e-mail at [email protected] if your organisation has no prior history of dealing with Supo and you are seeking security clearance vetting of your employees.

Your e-mail message should briefly provide:

  • the name and business ID of the organisation, and the telephone number of a contact person
  • the operating sector of the organisation and details of how its operations relate to the protected interests referred to in section 1 of the Security Clearance Act
  • an account of whether personnel security clearance vetting is intended to protect the company’s own information or operations, or the information or operations of its customer.

Supo will respond to your e-mail message.

Complete an account with care

On seeking to submit a formal application for security clearance vetting client status after receiving a response from Supo, you will need to provide a written account. Supo will provide more detailed instructions on the form and content of this account.

The account will assess whether the organisation satisfies the conditions imposed under the Security Clearance Act. The organisation will provide a justification in its account explaining the nature of the interests involved in its operations that are eligible for protection on grounds of national security. The conditions for becoming a security clearance vetting client are specified in section 1 of the Security Clearance Act. The applicant should study this section when preparing the account.

Your application must also include details of the working duties that you are seeking to include within the scope of the security clearance vetting procedure. The account must take particular care to describe the protected information or premises that form the basis for seeking the status of a security clearance vetting client. Supo will use these details to assess whether the duties fall within the scope of personnel security clearance vetting.

The account will also review the security arrangements of your organisation. You are accordingly asked to give a careful description of such aspects as how your organisation has restricted access to protected data through technical and other measures, and ensured the protection of its premises and information systems.

Information security measures are also essential nowadays. The application asks what kind of management system is in place to ensure security, and how staff have been trained in processing information.

The security arrangements must be investigated to ensure that the business would only use personnel security clearance vetting as part of broader information security measures, and not instead of such measures. Security clearance vetting alone does not guarantee the security of any organisation, but supplements other security arrangements. You should check your organisation’s security processes before submitting your application.

How does the process continue after the investigation is complete?

You should complete the application with care, as an incomplete application will not be processed. The client is required to submit all details before the case can be processed. Please also take care to include all attachments in your account. Send the account to [email protected].

Supo will advise you when the case has been processed.

You will receive further instructions in requesting security clearance vetting if your organisation is approved for the security clearance vetting procedure. A contact person from Supo will continue cooperation with you and your organisation.

A decision to refuse client status is not open to appeal, but you may submit a fresh application if there is any change in the circumstances of your organisation.