Supo communications serve the media

Supo is Finland’s foremost expert on national security. It also wants to share this expertise with others.

The communications team of Supo serves media representatives via

Head of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Mil­la Me­ret­nie­mi.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Spe­cial­ists An­ni Leh­to­nen and Irene Zidan.

Milla Meretniemi. Anni Lehtonen. Irene Zidan.

Mil­la Me­ret­nie­mi

An­ni Leh­to­nen

Irene Zi­dan

E-mail addresses are [email protected]

Pictures for the media

The images below are intended for media in news pieces concerning Supo. Click the image or the link below the image to upload the image. Mark the source of the image as Finnish Security and Intelligence Service. If you need any other pictures, please contact Supo communications.

Antti Pelttari 

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Jonna Turunen 

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Teemu Turunen 

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Supo main door at Ratakatu 12

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Ratakatu 12 (1) 

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Ratakatu 12 (2) 

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Supo's unclassified information must be available to all

Supo is Finland’s foremost expert on national security. We are also willing to share this expertise with others. While confidential information compiled by Supo serves policymakers and specialists in particular, all unclassified information must be available to society as a whole.

The work of Supo also relies on the confidence of people living in Finland. As the law even allows Supo to intrude on individual fundamental rights when necessary, it is particularly important to explain the work of Supo and the basis of its operations with optimal frankness.

Unlike other agencies of central government, the business handled by Supo is very often confidential. This means that it cannot be disclosed to the public, because such publication would be harmful, for example to Finland’s national security or foreign relations, or to the in-house operations of Supo.

Security and intelligence services operate in a world where absolute discretion is vital. The staff and partners of Supo must be able to trust that their information will remain classified.