The Counterterrorism (CT) target may be a perpetrator, or a supporter of a terrorist organisation

There are currently 390 CT targets. This number has remained roughly constant in recent years, but the associated terrorist connections have become more serious.

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Supo maintains a list of counterterrorism targets who are considered to pose a threat to national security, irrespective of ideology.

The list of targets is not fixed, with individual names regularly added and removed. Some 390 individuals are currently of interest to Supo.

The list of CT targets is a tool of counterterrorism

The targeted individuals vary widely. They may be radicalised individuals seeking to carry out an attack, internationally networked combatants, charismatic instigators, propagandists, foreign fighters who may be returning to Finland, and potentially significant sources of financing.

The list of CT targets is an important tool of counterterrorism that guides intelligence gathering and threat prevention. Supo collaborates with the National Bureau of Investigation, local police departments and other public authorities and partners to monitor counterterrorism targets.

The terrorist links of CT targets are increasingly serious

The number of CT targets has remained roughly constant in recent years, but their terrorist connections have become more immediate and serious. A rising proportion of targets have been involved in armed conflict, have expressed willingness to take part in armed operations, or have received terrorist training.