The Counterterrorism (CT) target may be a perpetrator, or a supporter of a terrorist organisation

Supo continually updates its list of individuals who are counter-terrorism targets. The targeted individuals vary widely.

 Illustration - people sitting on a bench as dark silhouettes in a park.

Supo maintains a list of counter-terrorism targets. The threat assessment published in March 2024 indicates that there were approximately 350 targeted individuals. The number of targeted individuals does not directly indicate the threat level of terrorism, which depends on many factors.

The list of targeted individuals is not permanent, but subject to continual measures and personal evaluations. Targeted individuals are considered to pose a terrorist threat to Finland, irrespective of ideology.

The targeted individuals vary widely. They may include radicalised individuals seeking to mount or instigate an attack, propagandists, foreign fighters, or financiers.

The list of targeted individuals is an important counter-terrorism tool that guides intelligence gathering and threat prevention in various ways. Supo works with the National Bureau of Investigation, local police departments and other public authorities and partners in taking measures related to counterterrorism targets.