About the supo.fi website

The supo.fi website is the main information channel of Supo – the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service. It seeks to inform the public about the work of Supo and about dangers to national security.

Data protection and processing of personal data 

Supo is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of website visitors in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

General statistics on use of the site are compiled for use in improving online services. This information includes:

  • the pages viewed
  • the time of viewing
  • the visitor’s IP address
  • the visitor’s web browser and operating system

IP addresses are anonymised for storage, with no individual user identified.

We only record the contact details and other information specifically provided by the visitor for use in responding to that visitor’s contact requests, queries or other comments.

To comment on our website

Please use the feedback form to submit any comments concerning the Supo website.

We consider comments during office hours and respond within two weeks. We can only respond to comments and queries if you have provided your contact details on the form (e-mail or name and postal address). We primarily respond to comments by email.

Please review our contact information if you are contacting us about matters other than the website. All official mail must be sent to the Supo registry: [email protected].