Facility security clearance vetting is usually requested by a public authority

Businesses may request security clearance vetting of itself mainly for international operations.

A public authority may seek facility security clearance vetting if: 

  • the authority intends to conclude an agreement with the business that will involve processing documents in security classes I to III, or other confidential documents 
  • the operations of the business involve transporting nuclear materials, nuclear facilities,  
  • manufacturing explosives or transporting explosives 

A business may request security clearance vetting of itself if: 

  • it needs the clearance in order to fulfil some statutory duty or international data security obligation 
  • it may be selected for some project of an international organisation, executive body or foreign public authority, or for some procurement competition abroad 
  • it is launching operations in another country 


Requesting facility security clearance


Diagram: seeking facility security clearance.

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