Security clearance vetting checklist for organisations

Commissioning security clearance vetting involves responsibilities that an organisation must consider. Please note the following points when your organisation requests security clearance vetting.

Security clearance vetting should be kept in mind when planning recruitment. The organisation should already announce the security clearance vetting required for a position in the job vacancy notice.

The recruitment process should also allow time for security clearance vetting. Security clearance vetting is usually completed within two months. The scope of the investigation may affect the duration of the work. Your organisation also benefits from an investigation that has been done well.

Comprehensive security clearance vetting differs slightly from other investigations. Please contact Supo if your organisation is seeking comprehensive security clearance vetting for the first time.

When security clearance vetting begins

Your organisation has a duty to notify the subject that security clearance vetting will begin. The subject of security clearance vetting must give consent to Supo for conducting the investigation. Consent is usually given electronically. The investigation may only begin after permission has been granted.

The organisation requesting security clearance vetting is responsible for ensuring that the application is in order. Your organisation is responsible for ensuring that the application includes all required information, attachments and signatures. 

The organisation is also responsible for responding to any requests for supplementation if any information is missing from the application. Such requests may delay the investigation.

When the report is completed

Security clearance vetting is a specialist assessment by Supo. It does not bind the organisation in any way. Supo provides information that enables an employer to assess the reliability of an individual. The employer makes the final decision on recruitment. Your organisation is responsible for notifying the subject of the outcome of completed security clearance vetting, so make sure that this information is passed on.

The subject of security clearance vetting is entitled to know the outcome of the investigation, and the organisation is required to notify the outcome. The subject of any written statement issued by Supo is entitled to see the statement.

Security clearance vetting generally remains in force for five years, unless some other specified period is set. Remember to notify Supo if the employment that was the basis for the investigation comes to an end, so that nobody remains needlessly subject to Supo registry monitoring.