The threat of extreme right-wing terrorism has grown in Western countries

The rise in far-right movements has also been reflected in Finland. The Internet plays a role in growing radicalisation.

 Illustration - a red toned yard between buildings.

Supo seeks to evaluate the threat posed by domestic extremism from the perspective of national security.

Lone operators and small groups constitute the most significant danger to national security arising from domestic extremism. A lone operator is a person who commits a terrorist attack or other large-scale act of violence independently.

Supporters and sympathisers of far-right terrorist activity have also been identified in Finland. The threat of extreme right-wing terrorism has grown in Finland.

Concerns over online far right radicalisation

The threat of extreme right-wing terrorism has grown in Western countries. The inspirational impact of recent attacks internationally and especially online radicalisation encourage acts of violence by individual right-wing extremists in Finland.

The Internet plays an integral role in far-right radicalisation throughout the world.

Collaboration between the far left and Kurdish activists

While the growth of the radical antifascist movement is of interest to Supo, it does not currently pose a significant threat to national security. Antifascist activity in Finland focuses on opposing the far right, for example at demonstrations and online.

The extreme left has focused in recent years on working with Kurdish activists and engaging in radical antifascist action. Collaboration between the extreme left and Kurdish activists in recent years has led to some Finnish people travelling to North-east Syria to join armed organisations of Kurdish extraction operating in the region.