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Supo launches system project applying artificial intelligence with co-funding from the European Union

Publication date 8.11.2023 10.05 | Published in English on 8.11.2023 at 14.34
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Logo: co-funded by the European Union

The Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (Supo) has secured EUR 2.8 million in funding for its Intelligence Analysis and Research Tools (INTER) project from the EU Internal Security Fund (ISF).

The project will develop tools to improve the analysis capability of Supo by using machine intelligence to automate functionalities in its core information system. The aim is to identify phenomena that jeopardise security in advance, and develop the capacity to formulate more reliable situation assessments.‎

The intelligence analysis and research tools developed in the INTER project (Intelligence Analysis and Research Suite) will enable classification and analysis of a growing volume of data using artificial intelligence. Automating work stages reduces the amount of manual work required. Improved analytical capacity will enable management by information, with informed decisions taken in a well-founded and targeted manner, both within Supo and with partners.

Automated analysis can reveal links and detect weak signals that cannot necessarily be found by manual information searches. This also reduces the operational risk of overlooking some important connection. Success criteria will include the number of trainees and feedback from clients.

A suitable project partner was sought through a negotiation procedure under the Public Defence and Security Procurements Act (1531/2011). The winning tender was submitted by Reaktor Innovations Oy, which was selected to implement the project.

The estimated total ex-VAT price of the procurement, including all expenses, is EUR 4 million. Work on the project will commence in November 2023, and the project will end in April 2026.

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